Tracking your Pregnancy in 3D

We’ve seen a new trend of women tracking their pregnancies & also measuring their body transformations through postpartum.

We’ve seen a few Fit3D members using our system to track their pregnancy.  Unlike BIA devices that pass electricity through your body, Fit3D is not invasive, so it doesn’t pass any current through your body.  Women can track their entire pregnancy through every trimester, but they can also track their body transformations through postpartum as well.

This is super cool for 2 reasons.

  1. They can get a keepsake memory of your baby bump.  Even 3d print it if they want.
  2. Postpartum women are a large demographic of prospects who want to get their body back in shape.  Fit3D is a great technology to show these women how changes in body fat & mass change over time - it’s about education.  Some gyms like SciFit are launching Maternity-Fit programs that speak to women looking for help on this exact journey for both Fitness & Nutrition.  

We hope that these examples provide some inspiration to other program you could try out at your club. We also hope that this helps pregnant women some ideas for how they can see their progress pre & postpartum.

If you’d like a demo of our Body Assessment technology, drop us a note!  We’d be happy to give you a 15 minutes demo about how it works.

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