Visualize Fitness Progress like never before!

Show clients how their body shape is changing overtime, keeping them engaged and accountable.
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Add Value to Every Step of one’s fitness journey

Keep your clients to engaged at every step of their transformation.

Benefit: Sign up more clients & retain them longer.

Better Goal Setting & Accountability

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Compelling Before & After Visuals

Show clients how their body is changing and where.   

This drives PT sales & retention.

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Interactive Progress Reports

Fit3D offers an interactive report that both clients & operators can review on any device.

Body Fat percentage, Lean Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Levels, and BMR figures will drive discussions about member goals.

Body Measurements

Measure Inches Lost or Gains for your clients over time.  You can't get this from a BIA report.

Posture & Balance

Great for injury prevention & recovery.  Partner with local chiropractors for referrals.

The state of sizing in fashion apparel

Clients React Strongly to Scans

The Convenience of the Cloud

Many brands will tell you they are cutting edge, while offering you a paper printout – lame.

Fit3D has encapsulated our reports in a personalized web portal. Safe & private.  Monitor your progress on your phone, iPad, or broadcast it to the whole gym on a HDTV.
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