Validate your Program

Show clients how & where your treatments are working.

Ideal for Medical Weight Loss space or MedSpa owners.  
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Visualize Client Success from a Marketing Standpoint

Body Contouring & GLP-1 Treatments are booming. Use Fit3D reports to show your new clients that your program works..

We call this "a Digital Receipt"

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Showcase Medical Procedure Results

Two executives reviewing shopper insights

Detailed Before & Afters 3D Models

Show clients where & how their body is changing over the course of a treatment

Read the Case Study on Validation

Responsive Design

Showcase results on a big or small screen. Our cloud based backend adapts to what best fits your practice.

Circumference  Measurements

Body Measurements is one of the key features that Fit3D offers that traditional Body Composition devices don't offer.

Easily show your clients their total inches lost.  Help them understand when they can fit into those favorite jeans.

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The state of sizing in fashion apparel

Motivate & Educate

Privacy & Permissions

Our avatars are really detailed.

That's why we've built in privacy control where your client's can decide what level of access they provide to you. This can range from a full 3d scan to only the measurements.

We built a platform that let's you scale, with client privacy in mind.

See how we empower brands to succeed.

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