Visualize a Healthier You!


Visualize a Healthier You!

Stand and Scan!

Fit3D Proscanner

Captures a 360-degree, full body image.

Captures important body measurements.


Log in to your private account, and your information is available to you on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Without seeing my avatar, I don’t think I would have made any changes. I immediately issued a 30-day fitness challenge to myself! Mark my words, a healthier me is coming soon and it’s thanks to my avatar.
— RR

Visualize Your Information


Fit3D Web Platform

All your images and measurements are privately stored in your password-protected account.

See how your body is changing with 3D images, measurements, and wellness measurements over time.

Your personal data is private, but you can choose to share your reports with your coach, nutritionist, doctor, or even your friends. You can add related data, too!

When I set a goal, I want to be able to measure progress! That said, it’s tough trying to use a measuring-tape in exactly the same place as my body changes. Fit3D solves these issues for me! Fast, easy, and with real, crunchy numbers.
— JM