Our Clients are using 3D Body Scanners to Achieve 30% Member Growth.


Serving over 1500 locations including:


Increase Membership

Many clients report a 20% bump in new memberships from coupling our body scans with our built in PAR-Q.

Reduce Attrition

More engaged clients don’t quit. Online reports hold your members accountable & they can watch their progress visually.

Prove your Program

Owners have a dashboard too. Imagine showing a new prospect before & after scans of some of your best members.  



Business owners are using Fit3D to increase their revenue & client engagement.

We achieve a much better result in a fraction of the time.
— Rolando Garcia, Tier X Manager, Equinox
We use the data to show the achievements of our members in our online marketing and improved new client recruitment by 30% this quarter.
— Randy Frankel, Revolutionize Fitness

Transform your Business

Monthly payment options available!