One Stop Wellness Assessment Technology

The most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine

Fit3D was designed to provide the most comprehensive wellness assessment for you and your clients.

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How It Works

Step 1: Login to ProScanner

Step 2: Take 40 second scan

Step 3: Review results with fitness coach

Fit3D is used by a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to:

Fitness: Studios, Gyms, and Health Clubs. Whether looking to bring new members in your door(s), increase your conversion rates in membership or training, give yourself a competitive edge, or simply provide a fantastic way for your members to track their progress, Fit3D is the easy to use solution to keep your clients motivated on their unique journey.

Weight Loss and Aesthetic Clinics. Before and after pictures have outlived their usefulness and tape measures take way too much time and are extremely error prone. Show your patients the results of their hard work with the Fit3D services. Fit3D automates your measurement process and provides compelling reports to show your clients their body altering success both through exciting visualizations and data.

Corporate Wellness. Since the release of the RAND report in 2013, corporations understand their mandate to empower a healthy workforce, yet programs still see participation rates below 10%. With the emergence of corporate wellness challenges and platforms, Fit3D is used by employers to engage and empower employees to reach their goals to drive a healthier workforce in a private and safe manner.

Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitaion. With the Fit3D measurement services, you can test pre- and post- surgical circumferences on the body to ensure that you are modifying your rehabilitation based on return to baseline from atrophy. Fit3D’s powerful posture analysis module also enables you to show your clients how their posture is improving as a result of your prescriptive exercises.

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