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3D Body Scanners

Fit3D's patented, highly accurate, and self-guided 3D body scanning solutions have helped Fit3D to become the largest and fastest growing non-invasive 3D body scanning company in the world with 1,100 systems currently available in 45 countries.


Powerful Data Analytics

Fit3D has the largest distribution of 3D body scanners and 3D body scans in the world, and our ability to analyze this type of data for Fit3D customers and users is unparalleled.  We can provide actionable insights across fitness, wellness, apparel, and retail.


Cloud Reporting & APIs

Fit3D knows data is only as valuable as it is intuitive. Fit3D's reporting software puts the power of 3D body scans, measurements, and analytics into Fit3D Customer's and User's hands through our cloud based, easy-to-use reporting engine and web API.

Why Do Customers Choose Fit3D

The Fit3D cloud based Success Hub makes it easy to view your clients body models, measurements, and metrics while engaging your client to create and track programs catered to your client's body.

Fit3D dramatically reduces the amount of human error involved with measurements and visual feedback, but we achieve a much better result in a fraction of the time.
— Rolando Garcia, Tier X Manager, Equinox