Fast and Accurate
3D Body Scanning

Fit3D is trusted by top operators to streamline their operations & grow member revenue.
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Differentiate Your Business

This not only looks cool, but it also is engineered to perform. Our hardware allows you to focus on your clients, not machine maintenance & calibration.
  • The only scanner with 3 cameras for consistency
  • Mounted tablet for easy member login
  • Handles for accuracy and stability
  • Integrated weight and postural scale
  • Industrial-grade materials for durability

How it works

Our process allows for you to have powerful & honest discussions
with your clients within minutes about their goals.

Nothing compares to seeing your body in 3D.  

Step 1:

Create an Account

Members create an account on any device & then step onto our body scanner.
Step 2:

Scan Members  

Our tablet allows for a simple login & fast scan process for your members.  Data is than securely uploaded to the cloud.
Step 3:

Review Results

Reports are emailed to clients & coaches within minutes.

Results can serve as a honest discussion about their goals and how they want to change.

Validating Body Contouring Results with Fit3D

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ProScanner Product Details

Everything you need to fuel your Programming
WiFi Enabled
Connects to any standard WiFi connection
Cloud-Based Architecture
View your cloud-based reports on any device
Permissions & Secure Data
Set permissions for your staff and ensure privacy for your clients
Handles are essential for accuracy & safety
Weight Scale
Integrated 4-point balance scale
3 Sensors
3 sensors are proven to minimize distortion
WiFi Enabled
Cloud-Based Architecture
Permissions & Security
Weight Scale
3 Sensors

Tech Specs

Here are some details that speak to the commerical quality or our machine.

4-Point Balance Scale
Integrated Bilateral Weight Scale
Max threshold up to 400lbs
Power Requirements
110v power required
Comes with USA plug & EU adaptor
Imaging Technology
The only scanner with 3 built-in depth sensors 
Dimensions & Weight
166 lbs. Unit breaks down into 5 parts shipped in 3 boxes total.
Overall pallet dimensions of 40” X 48” X 35”.
Unit footprint of 38" x 65".
Fit3D recommends 6’ x 9’ for operations.
Average time to assemble: 15 minutes.
4-Point Balance Scale
Integrated Weight Scale with a max threshold up to 400lbs.
Power Requirements
110v power required.  Comes with USA plug & EU adaptor.
Imaging Technology
3 built-in depth sensors
Dimensions & Weight
196 lbs. Unit breaks down into 5 parts shipped in 3 boxes total. Overall palatte dimensions of W x H x D. Unit footprint of W x D, but Fit3D recommends 6’ x 9’ for operations. Average time to assemble: 15 minutes.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Our cloud reports give you the ability to monitor your client’s progress on any internet enabled device.  Fit3D client’s use this engaging tool to ensure their client’s hit their goals & customize programs / packages.

Device Comparison

Body Composition Reports
3D Avatars
Circumference Measurements
Cloud-Based Results
No need for Dietary/ Hydration Restrictions
Other Scanners
Body Composition Reports
3D Avatars
Handles for Accuracy & Safety
no handles
3 Depth Sensing Cameras to Minimize Distortion
1 camera w/ lens
Cloud-Based Interactive Dashboard
PDF Report via email
Permissions & Privacy Controls
No-Tiered Permissions
Backpack Mobility
Posture Assessments & Balance Report