Leveraging a Global Scanner Network

Discover how operators are using Fit3D's extensive global network of scanners to provide virtual services

Gym owners are now leveraging the power of Fit3D's global network of 3D body scanners to expand their reach and work with clients on a global scale.

A lot of things changed after Covid. Many operators discussed with us how remote work has resulted in some of their clients moving away.  These clever operators figured out that they could utilize the larger Fit3D network to continue their relationships with these clients. Gym owners can provide clients with the convenience of accessing accurate body scans regardless of their location as long as they are assigned to their home base.

We spoke specifically with Revolutionize Fitness & Dr. Sousa (Dr. Fit) out of Panama.  Dr. Sousa's Regenerative Health & Wellness Center's strategy here is very impressive as they are working with Spanish speaking clients in the US market. Considering the geography of Panama & it's global reach, it allows his business to have a local intake, while maintaining a global retention strategy.

There are 2 awesome benefits to this approach: 

1. Even if your client's move away, you can keep them as clients. This can even work if your client goes on an extended vacation or work trip.

2. You can expand your services without expanding your footprint.

Below is a short video testimonial of our one of clients talking about how they utilize this approach in their business.

Fit3D is in over 73 countries ( 2023 count ). Check out our Global Scan Network Locations here.

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