Find a Fit3D Scanner Near You!

Fit3D boasts the most extensive global network of 3D body scanners, offering convenient locations for scheduling scans near you. A 3D body scan serves as an excellent starting point for your fitness and wellness endeavors, allowing you to establish your baseline. While we, as the manufacturer, don't oversee the pricing and availability at each location, we're pleased to offer a location map below for your convenience.

Search by address, zip code, or facility name to find a location that has a Fit3D ProScanner. Filter by "FIt3D Certified" to locate facilities who have taken Fit3D's certification training course for administering and analyzing scan results.

If you don't see a location near you, let your local Gym know about Fit3D. We'd love to deploy more scanners closer to where you live.
Don’t forget to call ahead of time to schedule a time for your scan!

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