Body Scans at Crunch Fitness USA

Franchises are choosing Fit3D over BIA scan technology. Find out what this Crunch franchisee has to say about Fit3D.

Fit3D is the preferred assessment tool used by Crunch Fitness nationally. Like so many other facilities that use Fit3D technology, they found that the reports & 3D avatar produced by the scanner were extremely effective at retaining clients in their personal training program.

Evan, a manager at Crunch Fitness, shares a personal experience about his weight loss journey and using the Fit3D Body Scanner. Although he was losing weight, taking 3D body scans with Fit3D highlighted that he wasn’t quite where he wanted to be. He says that using body fat % alongside actual lean & fat mass numbers instead of just weight helped him focus on eating and specific workouts to target problem areas of the body. Him and his personal trainers use this same methodology to perform baseline assessments with the system for their clients.

During these assessments, clients are also paired with a certified fitness trainer who talks through the results with them and hand-tailors the workouts to what the client wants to achieve. They then continue to use Fit3D scans to monitor their clients’ progress over time and ensure they are on track and making adjustments as needed. While this helps ensure a better member experience, this directly also translates into increased lifetime value per customer & increased revenue from PT as well.

Find out why leaders in the fitness space are choosing Fit3D to transform their operations & elevate their member experience.

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