Meet Jonathan - Scanning at Crunch

Jonathan's is Training a Crunch Fitness to hit his goals

Recently I met Jonathan or “JJ” as some call him.  He’s starting at around 540lbs and training to lose 200lbs of his total weight. His progress so far is incredible. But to speak beyond results, what really appeals to people is his ability to motivate others. It’s hard to put yourself out there like this. I wanted to applaud the confidence to put your challenges on display & share your journey with random strangers. Showing other people how it’s done, creating a community around himself, and motivating others how they also simply start their journey. 

His Ultimate goals are to lose about 300lbs total so he can do fun activities like skydiving. He also wants to become a professional boxer.

When I asked Jonathan what his story was, I expected an answer around ‘weight loss’ and bettering his health. His answer was much bigger - “never give up”.  The resilience of strength of people like this really speak to us. As in boxing, if you get hit, you just have to keep going as the match isn’t over. His dream is much bigger than losing 200 pounds – it’s about self-improvement overall despite any setbacks & criticism.

Jonathan Posting his Fit3D Before & After 3D Scans at Crunch

In a world where I see so many people settle, it’s nice to watch someone go after his journey, week by week, consistently to make something better of himself. I like that he even celebrates the 1 pound changes. A win – is a win. In fitness, we preach consistency.  I think this is a great example of this.

So, I have two asks if you got this far down in this article. 

1. Give this guy some love on his social channels HERE.  Encourage him on his journey.  His journey is similar to all of ours in a way.

2. Jonathan is documenting his journey & inspiring others. Think about how your clients are documenting their journey also with their 3d scans. Are they sharing them online?  How can you use those to inspire your current clients & bring in new ones? Each client is now a case study for your program. 

If you want to learn more about Fit3D, reach out to us for a demo. 

Jonathan is currently training at Crunch Fitness.

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