Campus Recreation Services & Fit3D

Many universities and colleges are starting to offer paid personal training programs to students & the local community. Find out how the University of Utah has increased personal training sales by switching from BIA to 3D Body Scanning.

Many universities are beginning to offer personal training programs to students, faculty & their local community. One of the biggest challenges Fit3D helps to solve with these new offerings is attracting new prospects to the PT programs and converting them into long-term sales and referrals.

One great example is Campus Recreation Services at the University of Utah, who purchased a Fit3D Body Scanner in early 2021. The Campus Recreation Services offers group fitness classes, personal training, virtual fitness opportunities, and other wellness events for members of the Student Life Center.  They wanted to supplement their PT and fitness assessment program with a more accurate and professional way to measure body composition for their clients.

Prior to purchasing the Fit3D, they had been using a very basic BIA scale that could, depending on the day and time, show inaccurate measurements up to +10%. And unfortunately because of the COVID-19 pandemic they were unable to partner with external healthcare facilities to provide DEXA scans.

“I wanted to get the next best thing. Says April Pavelka, Fitness Director of the Student Life Center.

And so far, the scanner has been a great cost effective solution for them. April told us that the scanner has really elevated the program and is a great entry to encourage users to take advantage of more premium services, such as their personal training program and group fitness classes.

They’ve also seen a revenue lift just by implementing body scans into their program. “Since offering the Fit3D scans a month ago, we’ve already had 46 guests purchase at least one scan pass, with about half of them pre-paying for packages of either 3 or 5 scans.”

What’s also neat is that they’ve made Fit3D a part of their marketing program; below you’ll see a straightforward but effective video they created on scan guidelines that is published on their website, as well as an online portal to make scan appointments simple and easy to schedule.

With schools opening up again, many university athletics program are launching personal training programs not just for students but for their community at large - and Fit3D has already been introduced in over a dozen university and college campuses. 3D body scanning is a great tool to help any university athletic program attract new members & track progress of training programs over time.

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