Spotify Codes for A Workout Playlist

In this tutorial, we show you how to create a workout playlist that any of your members can access via a scannable Spotify Code

Posters with Scannable Music PlayLists

Everyone loves music at the gym, right? Recently Spotify came out with Spotify Codes which allow any person to "scan" a 2d barcode & play a coded musical playlist.  Since music is so tied to the workout experience, we wanted to produce a video tutorial on how to use this technology to make scannable gym posters for your club. Watch the 5 minute video below from our Director of Marketing Patrick.

We think this free technology could be a powerful way to create some buzz around your club. Consider personalizing some playlists from your staff to create engagement between your members or allow members to submit their playlists for the entire club for a larger sense of community.  Spotify codes seem to be an easy way to bridge the physical world & the digital works we live in.

From there, you can print them off at your office printer, your local print shop, or simply export to a jpg graphic which you can display on a TV. The possibilities are endless.

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