Semaglutide Weight Loss Before and Afters

Case Study: 3D Body Scans w/ Measurements show the effectiveness of medical weight loss treatments with Semaglutide / Wegovy

Many of our clients in the medical weight loss space or nutrition areas turn to Fit3D to measure changes in body composition.  Some of them offer specialized meal plans & nutrition coaching. Others offer a variety of body contouring services & medicinal products like a Semaglutide to help accelerate these changes in one’s physique.  Semaglutide, often sold under the name of WeGovy, has been shown to help some people lose up to 15% of their body fat.

Our client, 360 Wellness, is a medspa who has been using our 3D body scanner to measure client transformations with Red Light Therapy & medical supplements like Semaglutide. They posted recently on Instagram that they had a client who had lost nearly 7 pounds in their midsection in under a month.

Their facility offers a medical weight loss program that offers a safe and effective weight loss solution for all of their patients. Their program  uses science and clinical data combined with a comprehensive patient analysis to create a customized medication dosing protocol unique to each person. Fit3D is part of their initial intake, and used to measure progress over time.  

Medical Weight Loss before & after - Semaglutide

The Fit3D Body Scanner is a powerful tool to record Body Fat levels and also circumference measurements to track your clients.  As with many other clients in the medical weight loss space, we help business owners create a baseline which serves as an educational platform to talk to your clients about their goals.  If you are interested in learning more about the Fit3D unit and how other business owners are using it, please schedule a demo with us.

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