How to Maximize Revenue with Fit3D

How our Top Operators are Using Fit3D to help their bottom line

How Can I Use 3D Scans to Make More Money? 

We found that there are 5 main ways to utilize 3d Body Scanning to make more money for your business. All of which revolve around proving your program & tracking the results of your client's progress.  Some of these examples are better more sustainable than others, but we wanted to outline them here for you learning.

We will go over each of these individually, but the 5 main ways are: 

  1.  Selling Scans Directly
  2.  Using Scans to Convert New Members
  3. Make Scans Part of your Top Tier EFT:
  4. Increasing your ARPU ( Personal Training ) 
  5.  Retention: Impact your LTV with Free Scans

1. Selling Scans as Packages. ( Don't Do )

Gym owners can sell 3D body scans as an additional service to their members to generate revenue.  While it may be impossible to sell time on the treadmill or the use of an elliptical machine, 3D scans is a service you can sell in packages. Some owners will presell a scan or sell batches of 3-5 scans to be used in a quarter. This is an easy way to inject cash into your business. This is especially effective in the Q4 rush where some clubs can run 300-400 members through a scan process in a month, injecting 5-10K in cash into their business. Just be aware, this can have scans fall into the novelty experience rather than making it an effective tool for your program overall. Consider if you want "monitoring your progress" to be a paid cost for your members versus part of your programming overall.

We DON'T Recommend this Option. Generally, it is our opinion here that this is a short term solution, where you actually miss out on the better options on this list.

Limitations: While many customers will explore going down this route to make more money with the Fit3D solution, it's typically not the best long term solution unless your operating model focuses on packages. Mainly because the larger value of Fit3D is encouraging people to track multiple scans over time. Adding a cost to this may decrease participation in testing, which may disengage a client from realizing their full transformation.

2. Using Scans for New Member Conversions. Preferred Method!

Gym owners can use 3D body scans as a powerful marketing tool to attract new members to sign up for memberships. By offering the scans as a free trial or promotional offer, gym owners can showcase the benefits of their gym and the personalized approach they offer. Potential members can see a visual representation of their current body composition and track their progress over time, which can motivate them to continue their fitness journey and sign up for a membership. The scans can also be used to demonstrate how the gym's trainers and programs can be tailored to their individual needs and fitness goals, further incentivizing them to join. Most gym owners will see a 2-3X Increase in conversion rates using this method! 

Customer Spotlight: Crunch Fitness Ventures

3d body scan marketing - Rev
Promotion Found on the Revolutionize Website

This franchise group has over 25 locations & uses Fit3D as part of the Crunch One Kickoff program. Though a well coordinated launch plan involving PR, marketing, & social media, they were able to generate 80k in revenue.  How does it work?   Each facility advertises the Crunch One Kickoff program through social media & includes that you can get a 3d body scan for come to check it out. As part of the open houses, they include local vendors & educate new prospects about what Crunch is about. Then, they ask potential customers to get a scan for free.  Scripts you can use emphasize that's free, and that you simply want to get a baseline of where they are at currently. We also recommend telling customers that it takes 30 seconds, and that you'll have your results in 3 minutes.  Once the customer sees their scan, they are shocked. They want to discuss their current health goals & talk to Crunch about what programs are available to help them meet those goals. This intake process resulted in Crunch selling $80,000 of memberships & PT packages in one weekend across all of this group's locations. Considering the first month & deals have significant discounts, with first month packages costing as little as $9.  Performing some basic math, This same cohort could easily fetch 1.6M over the next 11 months not factoring in PT packages or churn rates. That's quite an ROI.

Customer Spotlight: Revolutionize Fitness
Revolutionize Fitness signs up 50-70 new clients a month using Fit3D.

3. Make Scans Part of your Top Tier EFT:  2nd Best! 

Gym owners can offer a higher-priced EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) by providing a premium membership tier that includes regular 3D body scans as a unique benefit. By offering a personalized and data-driven approach to fitness, gym owners can differentiate themselves from competitors and justify a higher price point for their premium memberships. Additionally, premium members could receive additional benefits such as access to exclusive training programs and personalized nutrition coaching based on their scan data. By marketing the premium membership as a comprehensive and personalized fitness solution, gym owners can attract members who are willing to pay a premium for the added value of the body scans and other benefits, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.  

Let's consider this from an economics side for a moment. Imagine you have 500 members. Your EFT was $100/mo, but now you introduce a Premium tier with 2 small benefits & Unlimited Fit3D Scans for $115. If 30% of your current members sign up for this tier, you'll have an extra $25,000+/yr. The numbers here are fictional, but the idea is that for an incremental price, you boost your MRR w/ minimal effort and give your members the "best" available at your facility. Obviously you can adjust these dials & levels that best fits your program. The more that customers scan, you'll also have higher levels of engagement, PT enrollment, and LTV.

Customer Spotlight: Equinox
Equinox is one of our larger groups who utilizes this strategy. "Access to Equinox's Fit3D body scan-technology, ... allows both the member and the T4 coach the ability to have a 3D view of the member's anatomy, offering an objective baseline of various body measurements to craft their program around." - Rolando Garcia. While Equinox is not your typical corner gym, it positioned the Fit3D experience at their highest level of member experience.

Customer Spotlight:  F45 Greatwood made $50,000 in the last 2 years with Fit3D from selling scan packages with the F45 challenges. While the F45 is focused on signing members up for challenges, this operator was able to pay off his machine in just a few months & then moved into profitability. By combining scans into the F45 challenge calendars, they were able to increase the ARPU ( Average Revenue Per User ) for client.

4. Using Scans to Increase Personal Training.

Gym owners can leverage 3D body scans to increase sales of personal training packages by using the scan data to create customized fitness plans for individual clients. The detailed analysis of body composition and measurements provided by the scans can help trainers identify specific areas for improvement and create tailored workout plans to meet each client's unique needs and goals. Let's consider a facility between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet, that may employ between 2-10 personal trainers. Most trainers will have a client case-load of about 8-10 sessions per client per month. Many facilities will allow their personal trainers to offer 3D scans to their clients, giving a tool to helps customers get a baseline & motivate them to buy packages.

Customer Spotlight: Golds Gym
Golds Gym East Newport does not charge members for their scans. After a consultation they changed how they were marketing Fit3D scans with their staff. They started simply marketing the scans internally with large signs & posters to advertise FREE Fit3D Scans to their members & prospects. The simple act of "promoting the scans" yielded in increase in PT sale packages by +233%.  

If you apply even a 50% lift to an average size facility of say 5 trainers with 10-15 clients each charging $100 per session ( 5*15*8*$100), you could easily be looking at an extra $30k per month.  There is a lot of variation in how gyms split PT revenue with trainers & how much a facility might charge, bit directionally this math makes sense. People HATE to see their first scans, but it motivates them to change. Conversely, people LOVE seeing their 2nd & 3rd scan & seeing how they change.  Use this common client experience to not only "Prove your Program" but to grow it.

5. Retention - The Most Important Metric

This concept is usually combined with any of the models above, with a focus on using Free Scans to Attract New Members. 3D body scans can visualize the progress of gym members by providing accurate and detailed measurements of body composition over time. By comparing scans from different time periods, members and trainers can see changes in muscle mass, body fat percentage, and other important metrics, which can help track progress and motivate members to continue their fitness journey. This visual representation of progress can also help gym owners reduce churn rates by providing members with a tangible and measurable sense of achievement, which can increase their overall satisfaction with the gym experience. According to industry data, the average number of clients at a gym is around 800-1000, and the average churn rate is around 25-30% per year. By using 3D body scans to demonstrate member progress and increase satisfaction, gym owners can reduce churn rates and increase the lifetime value (LTV) of each client, ultimately increasing revenue and profitability over time.

What's the Takeaway? 

Fit3D is an amazing tool. There is no doubting that.  However, the main factor in how operators thrive is based on their programming.  Fit3D will not magically make you money. However, if you follow any of these models to communicate Client Goals & give them a pathway to success, it will give you ROI several times over. Scans are simply a reflection of YOUR PROGRAM. We simply visualize the hard work you put into your program & all your clients.  Fit3D is a visual aid to communicate & educate clients about health – specifically on how they could change & how they are changing.  A normal person does not understand this but you do!   

Again, our top recommendation is to not charge clients for scans. Advertise the heck of our your scanner. Turn every single one of your clients into a documented 3d case study of why they should join your program & how you help people achieve their wellness goals.  If you document progress & simply get them to start their fitness with a Fit3D scan, we believe that the 2nd & 3rd scans will be your roadmap to continued success.

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