My 3D Scan Showed I Had Scoliosis

My 3D body scan showed me that I had Scoliosis

As an employee at Fit3D, I have had numerous 3D body scans done. However, over the last year, I started to notice that my posture was leaning more & more to the right in my 3d scan. This was confirmed by a few scans.

3D Body Scan w/ Postural Landmarking

So, I decided to go to my local 100% Chiropractic Location who is one of our franchisee partners who just opened up locally this year. They to looked at my 3D scan & recommended an x-ray as part of my intake. I was having some lower back pain, so all the data was saying to get a better look at my vertebrae through x-ray.
The results clearly showed I was in the early stages of Scoliosis - 14% to be exact in the upper section. And as you can see above, I actually had curvature in 2 places. The bigger insight however was I was in very early stages of bone spurs in my neck – as can be alluded to from my forward leaning posture. While this was not causing me any pain, it was a big reflection moment for me personally for how I was to think about the future. For me & my family.

Fit3D Balance Report - 4 point weight scale

You can also see that in the "balance report" from our bilateral weight scale that I favor one side of my body.  As you can see, several reports add up to show a bigger picture.

From a business perspective, my non-invasive 3D scan brought me to the buying moment where I went from becoming a prospect to a client. This location was great at showing me the treatment path & talk through what insurance options I could look at. And while my chronic pain was minimal, I had a "moment" where I was able to have an honest conversation about my long-term health & postural correction. After all, can you put a price on your health?

I'm glad I went in.

The Economics of Scans for Chiropractors: 

I assume many other chiropractic businesses could benefit from the same intake procedure. 3D body scans are non-invasive, and take 3 minutes from scan to results.   Many prospects are willing to get a free 3D body scan, which might result in thousands of dollars in patient services over the course of their lifetime.  With many chiropractor locations domestically seeing over 100 patients a week, one could easily see how a "free" or "$20 body scan" could easily translate to larger returns from clients financially & from a patient health perspective.  Clients can also track their postural correction over time in a non-invasive way in two different axises.

The 2nd thing I want to mention from speaking to our other clients is that many chiropractors are expanding their services overall. Body scans provide a great baseline for services such as physical therapy, nutrition, & weight loss. Depending on your staff & your expertise, a 3D Body Scanner as an assessment tool is a centralized baseline for setting client goals & treatment paths.

Check out our main website to learn more about Postural Assessments for Chiropractors via our 3D Body Scanner.

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