3D Printing

See how one client 3D prints the before & after avatars for an unforgettable customer experience.

Clients ask us all the time if you can “3d print” these avatars?   ABSOLUTELY.   While we cannot speak first hand to the business benefits of offering your clients a “to scale” personalized avatar, it’s been done.

One client who has integrated this into their customer experience is Nutrition Health in Spain. They offer their customers a 3D printed before & after to show them how they have changed.  

Fit3D avatars printed in bronze filament.

When we talked to this location, they commented on how customers LOVE seeing a mini version of themselves. Similar to the strategy we’ve discussed in our “Scale with Scans Program” showing people a reflection of themselves has some novelty, but also motivates them to take better care of themselves. In this case, it helps Nutrition Health sell more supplements per customer.  Plus their customers love sharing pictures of their avatars with their friends and word of mouth.  As you can see, they have a full “Case” of “Case Studies”  ;)   I just couldn’t help myself.

On a technical level, we’re not experts in 3D printing, but there are a few details you should know.  

1. Fit3D scans people life-size. So if you want to 3d print yourself or send your OBJ file to a vendor, you should reduce the size. Otherwise, you’ll pay a fortune for a 5’9’ model of yourself.   Here is an article on how to find & download the OBJ file.

2. Pay attention to the “supports” required per 3d print. This might get a tad advanced,  and you might want to tilt the 3d model back 10% so that the supports are on the back instead of connecting to your face.  Support are extra pieces added during the 3d printing process so that the model does not fall over while it is in the liquid plastic stage.

If you don’t have access to a 3d printer, consider using a service like Shapeways.  The cost of a model might run you between 25-$50+ using an outside vendor considering the size you go with.   If you have access to a printer, you’re just taking the cost of filament which could easily be under $10.

If you have any tips for 3D printing, let us know.
Thanks! The Fit3D Team.

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