Fit3D Service Tiers to Maximize Member Revenue

Over 4,000 Business Owners Trust Fit3D to Help Their Members Reach their Wellness Goals

What Tier is Best for My Business? 

Standard Tier

90% of our clients choose the Standard Tier. This tier gives you the essential services for Fit3D to help scale your business through assessments.   This tier gives owners access to the secure cloud setup that we are known for, with the permissions for your staff to run your operations efficiently without compromising privacy.

Compared to legacy plans pre 2022, this plan and the following plans give access to a priority scan queue for our fastest scan processing available for your members.

Plus Tier

There are 2 important new parts to the Plus tier.

First, this level introduced the Advanced RMA, which means if anything needs to be replaced under warranty, we can do this faster for you. If you depend on Fit3D for selling and cannot afford to lose a week from a standard RMA, this plan is for you. 

Additionally, we are leaning into data here & connecting into other CRMs. Many hospitals & larger clubs choose this tier as we can programmatically send your basic body composition fields to another system for club level analytics, retention programs, etc.

This package is also chosen by clubs who run challenges & need to pull ALL their body composition data for a given period of time versus copying & pasting each member profile.

Premium Tier

This tier is for the data driven club/ business who is making something new.  

Operators on this tier, like The SmartFit Method, are often pulling multiple data points from Fit3D into their own CRM system to provide a combined NEW view of customer health & progress.

We often find that researchers or custom apparel businesses often will find themselves in this tier because they want access to very specific measurements for a cohort of clients/ members.

On this tier, you decide what metrics you want exported to your system & we help provide that data.

FIT3D Customer Highlight
“Fit3D is an essential part of our marketing Strategy.”
Crunch Fitness Ventures logged $80,000 in new members signups utilizing the Fit3D Scale with Scans Program.