Posture Assessments with Fit3D

A simple guide to help new business owners decide which static postural assessment solution is best for your business.

Poor posture is a growing problem in our population for various reasons. At Fit 3D, We’ve been helping business owners easily measure posture through our self-service 3D body scanner as the foundation for their wellness programs. For Chiropractors specifically, having technology assist you with postural assessment is key for helping attract, assess, & maintain your current client base. While we believe 3D body scanning is a superior solution for this, we decided to create a simple guide to help new business owners decide which static postural assessment solution is best for your business. See the full list below:

3 Major Methodologies for Postural Assessment

Visual observation / Posture Analysis Grids

  • This method asks patients to stand up straight & you subjectively measure their tilt.  Some facilities will buy a physical grid for patients to stand in front of where they can measure angles via a plumb line or key angles.
  • Pros: Relatively affordable & doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Cons: Consistency of human measurement & may require paper documentation.


  • This technique uses X-rays to view the skeletal structure of the body & extract postural measurements via software.
  • Pros: most accurate form of measurement, technology is tried and true, best image quality of skeletal system (looking at back alignment)
  • Cons:  Exposure to radiation for clients & staff, expensive, equipment software updates, physical space of unit.

3D Body Scanning

  • 3D body scanners capture the volume of a person creating a 3D avatar, and then uses software to mark landmarks in the body & extract posture via software. Most scanners also come with a scale for balance metrics too.
  • Pros: Removes human subjectivity in measurement, non-invasive, and digital files make tracking progress a breeze.  Fit3D specifically also is cloud based software, so you can check all your client files remotely. Learn more about our Postural Assessment with 3D Scanning here & watch the video.
  • Cons:  Space for machine, does not have the full accuracy of an x-ray solution.

How Does Postural Assessment Relate to your Business Goals?

In addition to the features of each of these methodologies, we strongly encourage you to think about the business aspects of posture assessment. How much time do you have to spend with patients? Do you have room for large equipment? Will this be a shared resource between multiple doctors?  The biggest thing we hear from our Chiropractic clients that choose Fit3D is that they like the assessments are automated so they can "save time."  Our scans take only 35 seconds & than results can be emailed to both patients & doctors automatically.  In fact, it’s so easy that anyone on your staff can do them, or a patient can do it themselves while they are waiting for you - it has a kiosk!  

Our goal at Fit3D is to provide an accurate Postural Assessment Device that saves you time & helps you grow your memberships. If you want to learn more about our Postural Analysis Software, click here.

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