Measuring Results with Body Contouring

3D Body Scans are use to show the Effectiveness of Contouring Treatments

At Fit3D, we’ve seen a surge in demand in Body Composition in the Aesthetics industry in 2021.  Why? Tools like Fit3D help measure changes in the body showing visually & quantitatively that treatments worked.  We refer to this internally as a “digital receipt.”

We’re personally seeing an increase in sales in this space from what is being referred to as the “post-pandemic boom.”  While the ASPS has reported that there was a decline in overall plastic surgeries in 2020, our internal data is showing that Aesthetics demand is up currently as people are trying to get their pre-covid bodies back.  A year of quarantine and more flexible work from home policies are allowing people to recover better at home & still be able to work.

One Fit3D Aesthetics client that is using assessments to tell a powerful “Before & After” story is Dr. Vidal from the Lipo Lounge.
She offers a variety of medical weight loss solutions, and body contouring equipment such as EmSculpt, to turn every client into a case study & prove her program.  

One valuable feature that Fit3D has that BIA devices does not in this space is the circumference measurement tool.  Fit3D can show a client before & after avatars of their body, but also show them before & after measurement of key body areas such as the tummy, chest, & waist.

Body Composition is now Visual.  Avatars can show changes in physique that traditional body composition tools can’t. Your customers demand visual changes in the body, let us help you validate that with our machine. It just makes sense. Schedule a demo today.

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