iPads & Personal Training

See how clubs are using iPads to show off our cloud-based reports to enable a better customer experience.

There are a ton of iPad apps for Personal Training & Wellness.  Even before the pandemic, remote wellness apps & fitness trackers have always been around.  This space has grown even more since Peloton & Apple Fitness+ have come onto the seen.  However, we have a more simple & effective use of the iPad at Fit3D.  Using the iPad as a mobile unit at your facility to showcase our cloud-based reports.

Body Composition on iPad - Fit3D reports
Fit3D Reports are not “PDFs.”  You can scroll, zoom, and interact with our reports just like a normal website.

We’re not saying this will replace the back office.  However, imagine new experiences you can offer to all your clients if you can bring reports to them. Our built-in CRM shows all your clients - just pick one & find that client on the floor.   iPad’s are rather affordable now – in the low $300’s.  The iPad mini has a great form factor as well, but it’s an extra 100 bucks.  For many clubs, we could easily see scenarios where you could pull a client to the side, review their progress via scans or circumference measurements, and then talk about goals for the next few weeks.   We’ve had several clients start to explore this format, as well has displayed our scans on large HD TV’s as well. Compared to the other 2 vendors in this space, our reports are both visual and non-static.  The reports scale & reformat themselves to fill the screen they are on.  One of our clients Aurum Fitness showed a post of this below with their program.

We believe that Fit3D is the most powerful assessment tool to help scale your business on both the operations side & the marketing elements of your business.  This isn’t just about accuracy. It’s about transforming how you run your business & the experience you provide.  

mobile 3d body scan reports

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