The 2nd Body Scan Directly Impacts Retention

The 2nd 3D Body Scan is the one that matters

To build a good relationship with your customers, there are two important moments you need to focus on. The first one is when customers come to your place and get a scan and baseline measurement. Then, after a month or two, they come back for a second body scan, which is even more important. At this moment, customers can see their progress and become invested in your program.This is the key moment of engagement where you can up-sell a client to longer term packages & services.

Below is a script outline that can help you in this process, but there are many paths to this part of your member journey.

Here's the Psychology
1. Reinforce to the client that the program is working and that they are getting closer to their goals. Make sure they understand it's because of their hard work AND because of your program. It's working so far, they should keep it up.

2. Make sure they understand the "why" of how they got here. This is the key moment of accountability and having a client being invested. This is key for them to believe in your program versus accepting it.
3. Refocus the conversation back to their goals. This will help reinforce why they are here, but likely will help you agree on some new goals since they have some momentum.
4. Transition back to what packages will help them fit these goals. Often, this is where you can move a client from a promo package to a annual plan or increase APRU by layering in secondary products or services like PT to accelerate their path to success.

The True Math Behind Member Revenue

We have two strong video testimonials below that reinforce what we already know. Most body composition vendors openly talk about how health assessments can be a sales enablement device for signing on new members. However, from a business perspective, operators in the fitness industry make money through retention & increasing ARPU.  The easiest way to make money on a client is extend their lifetime value & engagement.  In both these cases, these clients talk about how Fit3D Scans help Prove their Programs, leading to better retention.

From a math perspective, the revenue from extended Lifetime [Client] Value (LTV) is fairly obvious but often overlooked due to causality. In both the testimonials above, can we can consider an example where a cohort of clients extend a 3-month discounted promotion membership to a full annual contract - resulting in 4X revenue. In an industry where churn is common & predictable, why aren't more operators using assessments to lock in their clients? This is an easy formula that any operator can replicate.

Iron Body Fit

This IronBody Fit is a US location of the popular EU franchise. They utilize Electrical Muscle Stimulation to help people lose weight & build muscle. They report that often people are skeptical of the workout. How could it be true that I can workout less & have better results?  Often, they will sign people up for a 3-month trial to get a client in the door.  After those clients have been through a few months of this breakthrough training, they see their 2nd scan and believe the results. Charles reports that Fit3D is a huge part of having people understand their process & then sign up for an annual contract. The 2nd Scan in this instance is responsible for helping people sign up for another 9 months of sessions. That's significant revenue! 

Watch the full clip below: 


Archetype in Canada is a premier training facility who works with everyone from professional NHL hockey players to normal everyday people. They have programs and equipment looking to optimize the health & wellness programs of their members. We had the opportunity to talk to Joel who leads the personal training program there. He commented that they use Fit3D as part of their onboarding program for all new clients. They don't charge people. He commented that he really likes Fit3D for injury prevention and to keep his clients accountable. The clip that we are posting below talks about the idea of being "bought in" to the program. On the accountability front, once people see results on a Fit3D scan, they are believers. He mentioned that his helps decrease churn, helps with member accountability, and directly impacts their retention & LTV.

Watch the clip below.

If you are interested in documenting the progress of your clients, consider 3D Body Scans. Upgrade from old bioimpediance technology and find out why thousands of operators have switched to this new standard of assessments for tracking progress. There is no better investment in a machine that validates your program & shares the success of your members.

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