Helping Military Veteran Recovery Efforts

Fit3D is one of the Partners at Grey Team in FL where they help Veterans when they return home.

Revolutionizing Veteran Support: Grey Team and Fit3D's Collaborative Triumph

Fit3D was started to help people achieve their goals and live healthier lives. One of the most underserved populations is the U.S. military veteran community. Recognizing veterans' unique challenges and sacrifices upon returning from service, Fit3D's dedication to their cause deepened, leading to a transformative partnership with Grey Team in Boca Raton, Florida.

Grey Team, a leading force in military suicide prevention, teamed up with Fit3D to provide a holistic approach to healing and a beacon of hope for those who served our country.
Fit3d provided our patented 3D Body Scanner to help Grey Team safely, privately, and accurately capture and track valuable data on military veterans' progress as they strive to reach
their health and wellness goals.

Conversations with Cary Reichbach, Grey Team’s Founder and U.S. Army veteran, revealed the heavy burden that military life places on the men and women who preserve the freedoms we have come to enjoy. Grey Team is a sanctuary where veterans can rediscover purpose, community, and vitality.

At the heart of Grey Team's efforts lies a comprehensive 90-day program called “Operation Phoenix.”. Once veterans enroll in their wellness program, they receive a 3D body scan that establishes a baseline and provides a roadmap to healing.

Grey Team and Fit3D's collaboration demonstrates that advanced technology, unwavering support, and compassion can intersect to reshape veterans' lives. This partnership is a testament to the idea that veterans can rediscover strength and purpose with the proper structure, crafting a brighter future beyond their service.

Grey team is a 503C & not officially part of the military, however they are providing a big impact on the lives of many individuals.

If you know any Veterans in the Florida area that would be interested in this program, you can refer them to Grey Team here.

Additionally, if you want to make a donation to their cause, you can do that via their website.

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