Client Testimonials from Dunedin

This Client in NZ was a wonderful landing page showcasing 3D scans

As we've stated before, 3D scans are an amazing way to visually document progress.  However, this Fit3D client in NZ took things to the next level by pairing their 3D scans with client testimonials.

You can easily do this as well! 

As you can see below, this serves as a great marketing tool for any facility looking to attract new clients and also prove the effectiveness of your program.

Take a peek below of these screenshots.  Original post can be found here.

The team at AM I FIT made this journey a breeze. I lost 12.5KG, 5.8% of body fat in the 6 weeks.
"I was anxious about my first body scan but I could immediately see that my posture had some improving to do and that I had fat stored in certain areas. The results from the scan were sent to my email before I could get dressed."
"I’m a real visual person, so the 3D 360’ imagery is powerful. You don’t ever see yourself from this kind of view, seeing every inch from every angle – the scan gave that to me."
"Stepping onto the Fit3D Body Scanner for the first time was 'strange' (for me). The information though I received afterwards, was truthful (a smack of reality). What I needed to hear and see."
"The 3D images are confronting! We see ourselves in 2D in photos and mirrors. When you see yourself in a 3D image theres nowhere to hide, it can be a real wake up call. But thats a good thing, it just means you know where you are and you then must decide where you want to be."

If you want to get this level of reaction, and results, from your clients, Fit3D is the answer.

Reach out to us today with any questions you have.

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