7.5% Body Fat Loss in 30 Days

Check out this customer who lost 7.5% body fat in 30 days at Tewksberry Sports Club. How your club can use before & after photos.
Client Case Study: Before & After Body Scans

Tewksbury Sports Club has been a client of ours for 5 years located in Massachusetts.  They’ve been using Fit3D from their opening date as a part of their personal training program.  Each member receives a free Fit3D scan as part of their intake where they get to discuss their goals with a personal trainer.  Fit3D has been essential for helping convert prospects to paid members of their personal training program.

We have been using the Fit3D for over 5 years. Each new member is offered a first time use of the Fit3D led by one of our Personal Trainers, where they are shown how to use it and can take this time to discuss their fitness goals. The Fit3D is used primarily in our Personal Training Program, where each trainer has their client rely heavily on scans for tracking progress, keeping accountability towards achieving their goals, and seeing what areas they may need to focus on training more.   - Haley

While this club is known for helping people with their body transformations in their 3 story studio, they shared one client case study showing where one customer lost 7.5% body fat in 30 days.  Imagine how this could impact your club. Every single client becomes a case study for you.   Tewksbury has consistently used social media to promote their transformations via 3D body scans.  

Fit3D helps your business in 2 main ways. It can help sign on more clients for PT based on initial assessments, but also - it can help you in digital marketing through before & after case studies.  To learn more about Fit3D and what we are doing for 360 degree body scans, check out our main website.

Instagram Post from Client on Social Media
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