Attract New Gym Members

Fenix Fit in Singapore shows how you can use Instagram to attract new fitness clients.

Body assessments are a proven way to attract new prospects to your club.  Digital Marketing & Social Media has made it easier than ever to communicate to your future members with a simple post on Instagram or TikTok.  In a 15-second video or reel, you can tell a story about your club & give a “no risk” call to action asking your members to come in for an assessment.

Recently, we came across this amazing post by client Fenix Fitness in Singapore. In this post, they showcase the ease of our 3d body scanner, and how quickly you can showcase our interactive reports on an iPad within minutes.  From this post, you can go quickly to their site to book a visit, or you can communicate with them directly in the comments.

“Fenix Fitness prides itself on giving their clients the best tools to track and celebrate their progress. The Fit3D machine is an important part of Fenix Fitness evidence-based approach to body transformation. This cutting-edge technology captures useful body composition data and allows their clients to receive regular progress reports in one seamless process. The Fit3D machine also eliminates any potential for human error which may show up with the use of tape measures and fat callipers.”

We think this is an easy strategy that any club can use to attract new members & showcase their unique programming to a target audience. So document how you are using the scanner, tell your members, and post to social media!  Maybe we’ll feature you next!

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