233% Increase in PT Sessions at Golds Gym

Nick Orlando Reported a 233% Increase in PT Sessions by Utilizing the Fit3D Scanner

We recently talked to Nick Orlando who operates Golds Gym East Northport.  He has been a Fit3D client since 2016. Golds Gym is one of the most iconic fitness brands with over 600 locations globally.  Fit3D is one of their approved vendors.

The overall results for Nick's Location was a reduction of Labor Costs by 27% & an Increase in PT Sessions from Offering Scans by 233%!

Golds Gym East Northport employs 8+ trainers who utilize the Fit3D machine to attract & sell packages.  While 80% of their 3500 members have standard memberships with a healthy EFT, they rely on PT revenue & consultations to hit their bottom line.   Trainers pay the club x amount of dollars for access to the machine & their hourly rate.  The trainers set their own margins & schedules as independent contractors.  That more than pays for the machine itself in one month.

PT revenue is important to this location.  In November of 2022, they decided to offer Free Scans to their current members & new prospects and the results were phenomenal. This location increased their new PT Consultations by 233%.

Overall, Fit3D has become an essential part for this Gold's Gym location in their ability to attract new members & increase the revenue per current client.  

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