Fit3D Featured on Netflix

Fit3D made an awesome cameo on the Netflix documentary

In the captivating Netflix documentary "You Are What You Eat," viewers embark on a compelling exploration of the intricate interplay between diet and overall well-being. Through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews with leading experts in nutrition and health, the series delves deep into the profound impact that dietary choices wield over our physical and mental health. Unraveling the effects of processed foods on our bodies and unveiling the hidden perils of sugar-laden diets, "You Are What You Eat" prompts a reevaluation of our eating habits and advocates for a more mindful approach to nutrition.

For precise body composition measurements, the docuseries partnered with DexaFit in San Carlos, where participants underwent both DEXA scan and Fit3D scans. By blending scientific research with personal anecdotes, "You Are What You Eat" not only informs but also inspires audiences to reclaim agency over their health through conscious food choices.

This documentary impressively provides tailored recommendations for each twin participant. For instance, with one set of twins who were relatively lean, the emphasis was on the importance of building muscle mass rather than losing fat. Conversely, for another set of twins, the focus shifted to the risks associated with visceral fat, highlighting the necessity of shedding excess fat to mitigate the likelihood of developing diseases such as diabetes.

Serving as a poignant reminder of the age-old adage, the documentary underscores the significance of nutrition in disease prevention and overall well-being. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast or someone embarking on a journey to wellness, "You Are What You Eat" offers invaluable insights and actionable strategies for fostering a healthier relationship with food and, by extension, with ourselves.

Here's a Screenshot of the Twins getting a full body scan! 

Check out the trailer below. We think this will bring a lot of attention to wellness & the importance of nutrition in body transformations.

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