Showing 3D Scans on HD TVs

Show your body scans in large format on a TV


The amazing thing about Fit3D is that it’s cloud experience is responsive. It works on your mobile phone, computer, and even on a TV.  

Recently, we’ve heard from many club owners that they are connecting their laptops to TV’s through Apple airplay (apple TV) or HDMI cables to show clients their data in larger formats.  This is a great client experience & it leaves a very strong impact on your first session with them.  Imagine taking a scan and then sitting down with your coach & easily seeing your stats versus being crowded on a small screen.

There are so many options right now for connecting your computer to a large TV screen.  Cables from your computer to a TV currently run from 20-40 dollars, and dongle setups from google or apple now are $50 & up.  And on the TV side, you can get a quality TV at Best Buy for $100 or so.

While this post may seem “simple” in nature, consider how adding a second screen to your prospect discovery session could help enhance the customer experience at your club. We know that 3D avatars are a powerful motivator for your club. Seeing it clearly on a big screen is a minimal investment that we feel can help your club increase conversion rates & creates a safe comfortable space to plan for the success of every member.  


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