Scheduling 3D Scans with Mindbody

Challenge-based Clubs are using Fit3D with Mindbody to save time with scheduled 3D scan slots. Take your club operations to the next level.

Fit3D is the only 3D scanner on the market that current is fully autonomous.  This allows business operators to save TONS of time as they don’t need to staff the scanner but get all the benefits of the reporting. Often staff will be close by if someone has questions, or will check back with a client after they’ve gotten their shoes on to review the scans themselves - but there is lots of flexibility.

One trend we’ve seen take this a step further is clients using the Mindbody App to allow their members to schedule scan slots.  We’ve seen several Challenge Bassed Programs do this with their challenges &  run 60-100 customers through an 8-week challenge without having to measure each & every customer.  It’s a huge time saver.

After that, customers can simply walk in, take their scans, and get back to their class.  From an operator standpoint, staff members are saving about 20 minutes per client - that adds up.

F45 Diamond Bar using their Fit3D

As another time-saving time, Fit3D is cloud-based.  This means you don’t have to codify all your data from a paper printout often seen by BIA systems.  You can simply copy & paste records into an excel sheet, and quickly find out who your challenge winners are.  Additionally, the before & after 3d avatars are key visual assets that can be shared on Instagram as seen below.

To learn more about Fit3D & how why we are the leading 3D Body Scanner Vendor around, schedule a demo with us on our main site.

Display your Challenge Results on Social Media with 3D Body Scans
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