Tik Tok for Fitness Digital Marketing

What is GymTok? Utilize Social Media to raise your brand awareness.

Fit3D just launched our TikTok channel last week.  While it still needs some work, we think this is the future of the industry. Why?

  1. Fitness/Sports is the 3rd highest hashtag category on TikTok.  In 2020, there were over 56 Billion ( with a B ) pieces of content in the Fitness space according to Statistica.  This was only beaten by entertainment, pranks, & dance.  So from my personal opinion, this is the 2nd largest category for the types of people in our targeted demographic for fitness & wellness.
  2. TikTok has a higher average engagement than Instagram- period. Stop paying for “impressions” from Meta. Let your content shine organically.

3.  Time Spent by Customers:  The average time spent on TikTok by people in 20222 is 53 minutes a day. That’s a lot of content.  Combine this with our #1 fact that Fitness is a top-rated catergory, & you have a higher chance of being seen.

4. Demographics: 67% of users are over 20 years old.

While TikTok is “known” for being a teen app, the majority of people using it are over 20.  See full article here.
When I was at Tile, I helped grow our social media presence to 300k followers by using the tools & content types that our audience was interested in. This is the same idea here.  Gary Vanderchuck calls this the “attention economy.”  It doesn’t matter if there is incrementally more people on Instagram than TikTok - do both. Serve your content where your fans, customers, and future customers are. Literally, hundreds of millions of people are available to view your content & interact with you.

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eMarketer: 2021

What Clients are Doing this Well?

Since we’ve joined, we noticed that many of the Crunch Franchise groups are taking advantage of this platform.  Posting a variety of video content ranging from dance trends to 3D body scan tours.  Some screenshots are below.  

In fact, one of the Crunch Fitness Group owners recently told us that they used social media & 3D body scans as one of their main promotional activities a few weekends ago & generated over 80k in additional revenue across 20+ clubs.  The methodology works!

Marketing is Essential for Fitness Growth
As we’ve stated in other posts, 3D Body Scanning is a huge asset for approaching marketing your business.  
You need to go where your customers are! Talk to them. Go to their world, and then invite them back to yours to learn about a novel workout technique or invite them over for a free scan.  The important part is to start a dialog with them.  This is one reason why body scans have taken off and why BIA reports aren’t.   People want something novel & meaningful to look at.  You need to get their attention before you can tell them something valuable.  We help business owners do that.

If you want to learn more about how  we are helping business owners attract new prospects through 3D scans, fill out the form on our main page.

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