Scale with Scans Program

Find out about Fit3D’s “Scale with Scans” program - proven to drive membership growth through 3d body scans & digital marketing.

Fit3D is currently the most popular 3D Body Scanner in the planet. With over 3500 scanners globally, and over 6,000 scans made each day, we are the most trusted name in Body Assessments. However, the machine is only part of what we do.  We work with businesses with a proven program called Scan to Scale which helps them grow their business with a circular model that helps you thrive.

Here is our model, and how you can use our equipment to maximize on your investment.

We Created a Flywheel to Help your Business Grow Continually.

1. Attract New Prospects

It’s about Attention. We provide every new client at Fit3D a media hit to help you hit the ground running.  After you’ve signed a contract, we give you access to tons of content that you can use on your website & social media channels to create a buzz around your brand.  While 3D scans are very valuable from a wellness perspective, they are also a novel way to get someone’s attention. People ask “what is this?” and “How can I get one?”  That’s where you step in & invite them over.  

2. Convert Prospects to Paid Memberships

Once you’ve gotten someone’s attention, this is where our simple assessment technology comes in.  Have them take a scan.  The scan itself takes about 30 seconds, and they’ll have results within 3 minutes. This is where the magic takes place.  That person now has a baseline, and they have a source of truth. You can now engage with them on where they are currently & what their goals are.  This is the moment most people are 3-4X times more willing to sign up for a membership.  This is the start of your relationship with them.  They become a customer & client.

3. Scale your Revenue

Once you start documenting how effective your program is, you’ve created Trust with your client.  This is when you can offer a client additional services & program to help them become the best they can be.  You’ve proven at this point that your program works.  Continue to provide an excellent experience & maintain them as a lifelong client.  Economically, you are increasing the “lifetime value” of your customer, and decreasing the churn that most facilities have.  The 3D visuals that Fit3D provides combined with the quantitative circumference measurements  show people results – and that keeps people coming back to your business.

4. Sharing Results ( Publicly )

This is our favorite part!  Every one of your clients is now a Case Study.  The 360 degree Fit3D Avatars are amazing content for you Facebook & Instagram channels.  Use these to document the amazing body transformations at your club.

Additionally, encourage YOUR CUSTOMERS to share their story & tag you in the post.  They become your 2nd salesforce, attracting all their social networks to your business.

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