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In this article, we’ll walk you through the two questions that matter in choosing a 3D Body Scanner. Everything else is secondary.

hen considering a 3D Body Scanner, it’s easy to get lost in the features.  We wanted to step back to a 10,000 foot view & talk about the two main things that actually matter.

  1. Is this a great experience for my clients/ patients?
  2. Will it help me grow my business?

After all, it’s not about what our machine ( & process ) does, but what it can do for you in context.   Let’s dive into these a bit more.

1. Client Experience

  • Why do people join a gym?  Often to help them make changes in their health or visual appearance.  Ask yourself if you think a “number” or an “image” of themselves is a more powerful motivator.  It’s really that simple. Which of the two options here would help start a conversation about what their goals are & how your program can help them work towards those goals.  
  • The truth is that it “doesn’t matter’ if someone is 17% body fat or 15% body fat. The goal of using Fit3D or any assessment technology is to help someone gain awareness of themselves & educate them on what they can do next.  That’s why we all are in this space, right?  We give people the tools to make that first impression, and then track progress going forward.
  • Lastly, we designed our experience to be about the customer. It’s an experience, it’s NOT just a test.  We have an app that helps your clients sign up quickly & monitor progress over time. Our system is autonomous for users who don’t want to scan next to a stranger. We offer privacy controls like silhouette mode, which allows clients to share their outline but not their 3D image. While many brands do a “body fat test,” our goal should for people to still feel like people, not the results of a printout.  Every effort should be made to make sure your customers feel comfortable & in control of their journey.

2. How Scans Help My Business

Can Fit3D save me time or make me more money? Yes.

We designed Fit3D hardware & software for the business owner.  The features built into Fit3D are meant to deliver on the three things you care about the most as a business owner.  Many people interested in Fit3D want to compare all the features to other systems, and while this is important, we like to focus on how our system overall applies to the three things below that actually matter. At the end of the day, you’re running a business, not a body composition measurement practice. Other factors & features start to become more important when deciding what you want out of your body composition machine.

  1. Memberships:
    Watch the testimonial video we put together. People are motivated by seeing themselves in 3D, and we have case studies proving it helps increase your conversion rates by up to 4X.  Additionally, the imagery can be used to hold your members more accountable since they can see the results of their hard work.  Lastly, Fit3D scans, with permission from your clients, make excellent case studies for all your new prospects. Show them your work & prove that your program works. This works really well on social media for bringing in new prospects as well. Does any other “tool” in your club help you with marketing? Probably not.
  2. Your Time:
    Want more time? Of course you do!  Fit3D has two awesome features that help you with that. The obvious one is that our self-service body scanner enables clients to scan themselves so you can focus on reviewing with clients rather than physically conducting the measurements. This saves most trainers 15-minutes per person. If you are a challenging gym this really ads up.
    Second - our cloud infrastructure allows YOU the business owner to check client progress remotely from your phone. Gain freedom from the back office.
  3. Safety & Privacy:
    While this one is not as sexy as the other, it’s important.  Our handles are there for safety ( & accuracy ).  Anything we can do to minimize the chance of someone falling & getting hurt should be done. No one can afford to risk a lawsuit.  And, this is really helpful for older clients or people who are not as agile.
    Additionally, every account has a password & user name.  Other systems have minimal security or allow anyone on the club laptop to access everyone’s data.  While this is not illegal, why risk it? This also applies to paper printouts & filing systems that can easily be moved, lost, or shared without permission. Know that your client’s data is only being shared the way they want. Your customers will appreciate the consideration of their most intimate details.

So, that’s our pitch.  If you are interested in hearing more about Fit3D for your Club or Practice, we’d love to talk with you about why we are the most popular 3D body scanner in the world.  Schedule a Demo or Contact us.

The Fit3D team.

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