Advertising 3D Body Scans to Create a Lead Magnet

Utilizing Facebook Ads to Create a Lead Magnet for your Facility

Ever wondered how to pump up your profits with Fit3D Body Scans?

Let's break it down: 1. New Member Acquisition 2. Increasing ARPU & 3. Lengthening Customer LTV via Retention.

Today, let's dive into the first category. We've seen a surge in companies using Facebook Ads to supercharge their top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts. Over the past 5 years, we've been harnessing the power of Facebook ads and we're here to testify—it works like a charm. Plus, we've had clients who've used 3D Body Scans as a marketing offer to lure prospects to their gyms. So, we decided to put this tactic to the test and run our own campaign.

Our strategy? A simple video ad directing people to our locations page on our website showcasing all the spots where they could get a 3D Body Scan.

FB Ad Case Study for Gyms:

Fit3D advertised Free 3D Body Scans on Facebook & Instagram for a week.


961 clicks at $0.20 CPL (cost per lead)

Targeting Notes:
Our targeting was pretty straightforward. We aimed at folks with general "fitness interests" aged 18-55, covering all 50 states. While we prioritized this group, we didn't entirely exclude others.

Future Improvements:
We suggest refining your targeting by location & the traits of your fitness personas (i.e., the clients who thrive at your gym). You know your customers best and which ones bring in the most profit.

Conversion Considerations:
In this experiment, we didn't have a secondary form, which might have further impacted conversion rates. But even so, it could still keep the cost per lead at or under $1.

3D body scans proved to be a massive draw for clients to learn about your gym. Our cost per lead varied from 20 cents to nearly 80 cents for different demographic buckets. Yet, bringing in any new prospect to your gym for under $5, with a monthly EFT around $100, yields a substantial ROI.

If you haven't dipped your toes into Facebook ads for customer acquisition yet, we highly recommend using 3D body scans and your Fit3D unit as a magnetic marketing tool. And guess what? We're even happy to share the same video we used in our ad to kickstart your campaign.

Ready to reel in those leads? Let's make it happen! Contact us if you'd like more information about how to roll out this strategy for yourselves.

In a period of 7 days for the 55-62 age group, 283 women clicked on our ad at a cost of 20 cents. The interest is huge.
Our first creative had a CTR (click through rate) of over 7%. This can be improved through A/B testing and better creative. Additionally, better targeting will yield better results.

One last Note:
Some people here will state that not having a 2nd form makes this data invalid. I have 2 points here.

1. We'd strongly recommend running this type of campaign as a Facebook Lead Ad. This will allow users to pre-fill in their information to you and makes the conversion process super easy.  Changing to this format will decrease user signup friction, and likely yield numbers similar to the values below.

2. This is a study we ran in one week with very little planning. But as a proof of concept, this is amazing. Try it out. Facebook allows you to ran ad campaigns with values as low at $10 per day which is a great low cost experiment that you can stop at any time. Try it out & see if you get any interest.   As you all know, as long as your advertising spend is under the cost of acquisition for a new client, your ROI is positive.

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