Fit3D Scans at the YMCA

Client Spotlight: Fit3D Scans Validate the YMCA's LifeStyle 360 Weight Loss Program

Fit3D is proud to be a body composition partner at multiple YMCA locations. We play a large role in helping their members track their wellness journey in their fitness & weight loss programs.  The YMCA is also a participant in the Silver Sneakers program which gives elderly clients access to all their amenities including the Fit3D scanner.  Fit3D is an invaluable part of their programs success. 

“ Having all that information is really valuable to the individual because then they can see where they are on their fitness journey and then it helps them set really clear and consistent goals of where they want to go in the future." - Debbie Combs

LifeStyle 360: A Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

The YMCA LifeStyle 360 program is designed to motivate and guide participants in establishing healthy habits that support sustainable weight loss. The program offers:

  • Guided Group Workouts: Three days a week for two months, improving functional movement, balance, strength, stamina, and calorie burn.
  • Pre/Post Assessments with Fit3D Body Scanner providing detailed body composition analysis.
  • Biometric Measurements and Fitness Testing: Conducted at the beginning and end of the program to measure improvements.
  • Nutrition Tips & Healthy Recipes: Weekly guidance on eating well.

Measuring Progress and Aiding Discussions with Fit3D

Since incorporating Fit3D into their programs, the following customer experiences were impacted: 

  • Better Goal Setting: Baseline scans helped clients set better goals with trainers as they understood their starting points better. Scans also enabled them to have honest discussions about where their current bodies were at.  
  • Better Progress Tracking: Members understood how & where their bodies were changing. 
  • Increased Client Satisfaction: Members reported that seeing that programs were working helped them stay accountable & continue on their fitness journey. In summary, people like knowing that a program worked & they feel better about the work they put in. 

Impact on Culture & the Business

Fit3D not only benefits members by providing valuable insights into their fitness progress but also helps the YMCA enhance member retention. Offering such an advanced and personalized tool creates a more engaging and supportive environment, making members more likely to stay committed to their fitness journeys with the YMCA. 

"This is a good way to say hey this is what you looked like before and this is how your hard work's been paying off and these are the things you've been doing to get better and just seeing the measurable gains i think that's what the biggest thing about it is to me." - Daniel M, YMCA member. 

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