(Big Box, Studio, Specialty, Personal Training)

Standardize Personal Training Sales Process

  • Review scans in member orientation or at PoS
  • Review member history with Fit3D's digital PARQ
  • Discuss programming with member while reviewing Fit3D scan, body fat percentage, body shape ratings, and posture analysis on the Fit3D Success Hub


  • Digitally track all member assessments (remove paper)
  • Minimize operational overhead on challenges

Standardize Membership Sales Process

  • Scan all prospects
  • Review prospect scan results in the Fit3D Success Hub to engage and discuss how your services can help prospect reach their goals
  • Re-scan the, now, member to showcase progress


  • Re-engage current members with Fit3D scan solution to showcase new program offerings
  • Re-invigorate current members to reach higher
  • Re-baseline current members to increase retention scans
Since adopting Fit3D, Fit3D has become a huge part of our wellness assessments and onboarding process. Our members have become more connected with our training staff, resulting in a healthy increase in revenue. Fit3D is a great tool for increasing training revenue and member retention.
— Kurt Schmalz, Horsham Athletic Club


(Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning)


  • Offer differentiated wellness assessment solution 
  • All in one solution to quickly evaluate body shape, measurements, weight, balance, body posture testing
  • Minimize operational overhead


  • Track patient / athlete progression
  • Track patent / athlete swelling, atrophy, and rehabilitation
  • Track patient / athlete posture rebalancing


  • Utilize aggregate data to incentivize doctor referral programs
  • Utilize reporting to ensure patient and program retention
  • Review in-season and off-season program effectiveness, compliance, and results
  • Seamlessly track all of your patient assessments in assessment web application (no paper necessary)
We chose Fit3D as our exclusive 3D body scanning provider for many reasons. Their technology provides the highest resolution 3D scan in its class, the most accurate measurements in its class, a fantastic posture analysis, and their web-based reporting is perfect for our customers who want to review their data in an interactive manner on their phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world.
— Amy Stanbery, CEO, DexaFit

Weight Loss

(Bariatric & Non-Invasive)


  • Same measurements taken in the same place every time
  • Self administered tests ensure privacy and compliance
    • No need to touch patient
  • Easy to use solution minimizes assessment complications


  • Review patient reports anywhere at any time through Fit3D cloud based Success Hub
  • Patients can review reports in your office and in the privacy of their own home to ensure compliance at all times.


  • Track patient compliance based on results
  • Keep patient's honest
  • Showcase program efficacy through aggregate reporting


  • Innovative full body wellness assessment
  • Show that program efficacy is more than weight
We’ve successfully integrated Fit3D as a means of surgical evaluation to document progress, both pre- operatively and post-operatively, which encourages and motivates our patients and ensures the experience is positive through Fit3D’s accuracy and detailed measurement reports.
— Ryan Heider, Lake Norman Bariatrics, Inc.
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Apparel & Retail


  • Lead generation with body sizing through Fit3D Marketplace
  • Solutions to ensure fit from in-store scanning solutions
  • Solutions to ensure fit from predictive measurement solutions


  • Custom Sizing Standard Studies using real data
  • Access to Fit3D Body Block Platform to organize approved 3D avatar data correlated with size studies
    • Allows you to fit patterns to multiple bodies of same size
  • 3D avatars can be imported into your favorite design software (Browzwear, Clo3D, Optitex, etc)