Fit3D Solutions


ProScanner Hardware

  • Combined scanner & scale

  • Creates a full 3D body scan in 35-seconds

  • Self service kiosk mode

  • Captures hundreds of measurements: joints, landmarks, circumferences, volumes, surface areas, contours, etc.

  • Easy modular setup

  • 65” x 38” unit size

Cloud-based User Reporting

  • View on any device 24/7

  • 3D body comparison over time

  • Body composition

  • Circumference measurements

  • Posture & balance analysis

Robust Admin Dashboard

  • Built-in PAR-Q

  • Permission levels for owners/ personal trainers

  • Facility KPI management

  • Develop your own “case studies” as a sales tool


Full Product Specs

Full Body 3D Image
Posture Analysis
Silhouette Body Images
Hundreds of Measurements
Body Composition
Body Shape Rating
Cloud Reporting Engine
Data API
System Footprint (inches) 65.5 x 38
Scanning Space Requirement (inches) 78 x 62
Time to Capture Scan (seconds) 35
Time to Process Scan (minutes) 4