Improving Health Club Financial Margins One Scan at a Time

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a workout facility on every other block? During the last 30 years, Americans have become fitness fanatics. In fact, a recent study by Timex, found that more than 73% of Americans report working out one or more times per week. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) however, only 16% belong to health clubs. The effort to recruit and retain members is intense and health clubs must constantly identify new ways to market their services and differentiate from the competition.


That differentiation frequently comes in the form of value-added services in tiered membership plans. One of the most compelling services is benchmarking and tracking changes in weight, balance, muscle tone, body measurements and shape. This type of service is not new, but the methods for doing so are changing.

3D body scans offer a “wow” factor for health clubs that want to attract the tech-savvy generation that demands the most advanced equipment and services (and are willing to pay for it). Scanners offer the additional advantage of making health club team members more efficient; they no longer need to spend valuable time using calipers and tape measures to take measurements and make manual calculations.

The Fit3D ProScanner takes thousands of measurements of joints, landmarks, circumferences, volumes, surface areas, contours, etc. in 35 seconds. And the results are much more complete than traditional methods. In less than 4 minutes, members will receive a complete 3D body image, body composition assessment, a posture analysis, and body shape rating. The data is then maintained in the cloud where members can access it anytime to track their progress with subsequent scans.

 Fit3D Wellness Report

Fit3D Wellness Report

Yes, but can we afford it?

Operation and marketing costs, frequent member and staff turnover, and fierce competition means that health clubs operate on very tight margins. Purchase of a 3D body scanner might seem out of reach, but in fact, it is a source of revenue for hundreds of clubs already using it:

·       Attract higher-income members willing to pay for advanced services

·       Retain members longer with an engaging tool for detailed tracking of changes in their body

·       Charge whatever your market will tolerate per scan or offer a package of scans

·       Offer engaging Body Shape Rating, inch loss, or lean mass gain, fat loss challenges without the headache of manual tracking and reporting

·       Re-engage your current membership to drive ancillary programming

And flexible pricing doesn’t require a large upfront financial investment.


Summer is here and your clients are ready to take on summer fitness challenges! With a Fit3D ProScanner or a SNAP 2D body scanner, get cloud-based results with 35 second scans. Call us at +1 (650) 275-3483 or visit our website at