3D body scans by Fit3D are improving health outcomes at Mt. Sinai

The healthcare technology evolution has been remarkable and in recent years, we have seen outstanding advancements in surgery, prosthetics, radiology, cancer treatments and more, using augmented reality, 3D printing, real-time diagnostics, and even cyborgs. And now technology is improving the assessment of our health and wellness.

During an annual physical, doctors check our temperature, blood pressure, and weight, and while each of those are essential, they are not the only important gauges of our good health or health risks. Body shape and measurements, balance, and posture provide crucial indicators of risk for damage to muscles and tendons, digestion, breathing, and more serious health issues.


Around the world, hospitals and clinics are dramatically improving their quality of care by expanding the scope of regular check-ups using 3D body scans. These scans establish a benchmark from which to regularly and more comprehensively monitor changes to the body so medical staff can identify potential areas of risk much earlier.

A 3D body surface scan will, for example, clearly show where fat is collecting on the body; this is important because the location of fat deposits is a more significant indication of health risk than the amount of fat or body weight. Persons that gather weight above their waist line and in the upper chest in particular (commonly referred to as “apples”), are at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. People that hold weight on the hips, waist, and thighs (“pears”) are more likely suffer from hip and knee joint problems and metabolic syndrome. Body scans provide much-needed precision to the assessment of risk. 

In a recent segment on the Today Show, Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City introduced host Savannah Guthrie to Lab 100 which promises to “revolutionize your healthcare.” Lab 100 examines the whole body, from inside to outside, using tools like virtual reality, analytics, and a 3D body surface scanner from Fit3D. The Fit3D ProScanner takes thousands of measurements of joints, landmarks, circumferences, volumes, surface areas, contours, etc. to provide a clear picture of body composition, a posture analysis, and body shape rating.

Mt. Sinai believes that Lab 100 is the “future of healthcare” and is establishing a new standard for the basic assessment of human health. “Mt. Sinai has always been a leader in innovative healthcare solutions and other organizations are following their lead,” said Greg Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Fit3D. “The demand for our body scanners from hospitals and clinics around the world has increased dramatically because there is a growing recognition of its importance for improving health outcomes.”

Moore continued, “We expect that 3D body scanning technology will be a standard offering by healthcare providers in the next few years. By pricing our technology so we can provide global opportunities, Fit3D will accelerate the adoption with the most advanced and stable solution.”


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