January 2018: Highest Usage Ever!


What a month!

While Fit3D has systems in retail, apparel, corporate wellness, medical, health insurance, chiropractic, physical therapy and great industries, Fit3D is deployed in more locations within the fitness industry than all others. Frankly, because Fit3D solves a set of direct needs within the fitness industry:

Accurate and timely assessments
Accurate measurements, body shape ratings, posture analysis, body composition, and last but not least, accurate and highly resolute 3D body images
Digital and automated record keeping and tracking
Innovative and differentiating technology
Cloud based software that standardizes the membership and personal training sales and assessment processes for the fitness community
Given this, Fit3D always expect January to be a heavy usage month for its globally distributed ProScanners as consumers look to begin a very challenging journey towards wellness. Fit3D is the solution that templates: “You can’t succeed at what you don’t track”… and boy did we track in January.

In January, 2018, Fit3D ProScanners were used to scan over 27,000 people from more than 37 countries. Knowing that our customers utilize Fit3D’s technology to drive membership, training, and overall customer progress and accountability, we are so proud to be an integral part of our customers’ and their users’ journey and ultimately their success!

Whether users were on a journey to slim down, bulk up, maintain, or track other measurements in their bodies, Fit3D was the technology that users turned to as the 2018 New Year rounded the corner.

Thank you and Happy New Year!