Fit3D Innovation and New Features

The difference between innovation and ideation is execution.

Fit3D was founded with one mission, "Provide a re-baselining technology that truly motivates the user to reach their wellness goals."

In slightly more than 1 year, the Fit3D ProScanner has been used to provide more than 100,000 3D body scans and wellness assessments from more than 20 countries.  We are excited, proud, and humbled to positively affect so many lives.

The Fit3D ProScanner is being used by hundreds of health clubs, small group and personal training studios, hospitals, and health insurance companies, as well as corporate wellness to drive new memberships, membership retention, and personal training revenue.  Fit3D is also used in countless challenges and televised weight loss programs like SWEAT Inc., Wimp2Warrior, The Rachael Ray Show, etc. to show body shape changes as a result of high intensity nutrition and training programs.

Fit3D has been used to provide body shape health risk assessments as well as to track weight loss, post surgical atrophy and recovery, balance and posture, body shape during pregnancy, edema based swelling, adolescent growth, rapid weight loss through laser or lypo, and to capture measurements for ready to wear and made to measure clothing companies.

The Fit3D ProScanner and web platform has been completely designed and built from the ground up, which gives us the ability to innovate at a rapid pace.  As our customers keep us on our toes with new feature requests we continue to evolve.  Fit3D lives and breathes INNOVATION.

We are proud to announce new features coming to the market in mid-October 2016:

  • Fit3D Turntable with integrated 4-point weight scale:
    • 100% of Fit3D clients and future clients have asked us to integrate a scale into the system.  We listened, but because we love innovation, we took it a step further.  We integrated an independent 4-point weight scale so the user not only gets total body weight, but also balance between left, right, front, and back.
      • With Fit3D, you will understand how your weight is distributed, not just your weight.
  • Fit3D ProScanner with a tablet interface and stand:
    • While we thought the old system was pretty stylish, we have upped our game to include a tablet interface and stand.  
    • The tablet design tremendously enhances the overall scan experience with a new level of cleanliness and professionalism.
  • Completely redesigned web platform:
    • After surveying thousands of users, coaches, and facility administrators, we completely redesigned our web reports.  
    • The new design and features gives the user a tremendous amount of value, such as more access to their Fit3D data and 3D body scans, interactive graphs for every component of the system with more appropriate wellness index definitions, redesigned scan comparison pages, and quick access to additional features like 3D printing and the marketplace.
  • Partnerships:
    • We have brought on a 3D printing company so that users will be able to order 3D printed figurines of their scans right from their web report.
      • This is a highly requested feature for people who want to remember their body with 3D figurines, such as people who have gone through pregnancy, amazing body transformations, and youth growth stints.
    • We have also partnered with more apparel companies so that users can understand their health and wellness as well as order clothes perfectly fit for their body.  
  • Body Shape Score (BSS):
    • We have been working with industry leading university and private researchers in body shape analysis and its associated outcomes.  This new score will tell users how healthy their body is from a shape perspective.  While the industry has taken hold of body fat percentage, which is an important result, knowing where the mass is on the body is even more important and correlates with powerful outcomes.
  • Enhanced Scan Processing:
    • Fit3D has been hard at work on its scan processing engine to speed up the scan process and to make the scans even more detailed.  We can't wait to show off the new scans.
    • We did not forget about the people that have already used the system.  We have reprocessed all older scans as well, so when we turn on the new web platform in mid-October, everyone that has ever taken a scan will see their new and improved scan.

All of the aforementioned web and data analytics features will be made available to all Fit3D clients and users, regardless of the version of the ProScanner.  

With higher than expected sales volumes, we are already backordered so if you're ready to bring the most comprehensive wellness assessment solution into your facility, reach out to talk with our sales team through our contact us page.  

Thank you and we are excited to discuss our upgrades with you further.