#TransformationTuesday - Life changes lead to loss of inches and body fat.

Meet Reijo - Fit3D's Director of Operations, Support and Logistics and a new dad! Reijo lost 1% and 4.64 pounds body fat in seven months. Below he talks about how even exciting life changes can impact body shape. 

"Unlike many of the other Transformation Tuesday's, I did not have a strong fitness goal in mind.  My wife and I were in the midst of an incredibly exciting time getting ready for our first child and creating a home for us all.  I knew it was a pretty important time to keep my health in mind."

"Somewhere along the way I stopped going for seconds and going for more greens than cupcakes.  Honestly, my goal for the first few months of the year was to maintain some form of sanity, but I was curious about how my body would change, so I scanned!"

"Although I was not chasing a fitness goal, I did find it helpful to see what my lifestyle has done to my body shape. The information it gave me was a helpful reminder to make sure I take care of myself, especially during crazy times."