Why Equinox Chooses Fit3D to Track Member Progress

Recently, Fit3D asked Jeff Kohler, Tier 4 Manager at Equinox Palo Alto, why they choose Fit3D to track member progress.

1. "The Fit3D ProScanner is superior to hand-held measurements because it eliminates any potential awkward interactions between coach and client, since there is no need for a tape measure."

2. "The ProScanner quickly takes all common circumference measurements, as well as other useful data points in less than a minute."

3. "This is an incredible time saver for our team and it allows for measurement consistency between coaches, so that any coach can facilitate a reassessment. A cornerstone of the T4 program is the ability to assess and reassess clients at regular intervals to keep them consistent and accountable towards their goals."

4. "Additionally, the ability for the client to be scanned without the coach in the room adds a high level of privacy for the client."

5. "The digital tracking platform that Fit3D provides affords quick, clear comparisons to any scans via the web."

6. "The avatar that's created gives a clear, unbiased image of the user. For many, the image opens their eyes to their current physical state that numbers simply cannot. It's much more motivating to see the shape of the avatar change than to just see numbers change."

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