IHRSA 2016: 3 Ways Incorporating 3D Body Scanning into Your Facility Adds to the Member Experience and Differentiates you from Competition

Fit3D is excited for IHRSA 2016, just one week away, in Orlando, Florida. We are especially excited for one of this year’s keynote addresses, delivered by Randi Zuckerberg. The author, entrepreneur, and media maven will demystify technology in the fitness space.

In an interview with Club Business International, Zuckerberg says “Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, the founder of a startup, or a vetted business owner, you need to stay 10 steps ahead of your competition and prepare for what’s going to be coming down the road over the next few years.” Fit3D couldn’t agree more and wants to share three ways incorporating 3D body scanning technology into your facility can enhance the member experience and differentiate your business from competitors.

1) Personalization

  • Does this interaction sound familiar?
    Trainer: “Your weight hasn’t changed, but how do you feel? How do you fit into your pants?”
    Client: “I haven’t made ANY progress… not sure I want to continue.”
    Your services are second to none - consider this an opportunity to SHOW your clients what you can do for each of them individually. 3D body scanning makes it easier than ever to educate clients about how the body changes with exercise and nutrition - namely that changes aren’t always reflected on a weight scale.
  • The ProScanner presents an opportunity for trainers to create an original program design for each individual client. For the first time, trainers are able to provide incredibly unique, personalized customer service that doesn’t stop with the first scan. Each scan is an outline that, strung together, creates each client's unique story. Arming trainers with these outlines provides them the opportunity to approach each client strategically.
  • Customer Esteban Lutz of Kore 7 Fitness credits his Fit3D ProScanner with a triple digit increase in Personal Training revenue, year after year. He explains that a big part of this jump in sales is due to the element of personalization the ProScanner provides. “I would easily say 30% to 50% of the increase has been tied to the ProScanner,” he explains. “Clients see the image of themselves and are emotionally charged by it.”

2) Automation/Consistency

  • Joe Cirulli, the Founder and CEO of Gainesville Health and Fitness and Fit3D customer says this about his ProScanner: “The Fit3D ProScanner accurately and precisely automates measurements for the hundreds of XForce members at our club, a task that used to take my trainers 45 minutes per each member.” Joe’s facility was just named one of America’s Best Small Businesses by Forbes AND he bought another system for an additional XForce location. I think we all can agree, he’s doing something right.
  • The key takeaway is this - you’ve hired your trainers to do what they do best… TRAIN! It’s time to automate things like measurement taking so they can go back to transforming the lives of members and clients.
  • Additionally, hand-held measurements are subject to variables affecting their consistency and accuracy. If a client’s measurements are taken and their measurements have changed either up or down, is there a part of you that wonders if there was any user error involved? 3D body scanning eliminates this variable. 
  • Trainers don’t like measuring clients, and clients don’t like being measured. It can be really uncomfortable for both involved. The Fit3D ProScanner allows clients to get more accurate measurements AND it’s completely self use technology. What's more is the end result is a digital track record of your progress in 3D imagery and measurements.

3) Objectivity

  • Let’s face it -setbacks are to be expected. How are you prepared to keep your client’s on track? I sometimes like to call the ProScanner “the motivation machine”. Why? Because, how many times have your clients had a stressful week at work, their eating has been off and they’ve wanted to chuck their entire program into the trash because they think, ‘what’s the point’? There are SO many biological responses that cause the scale to go up. You try to tell them… It is NOT physically possible for you to gain 10 pounds of fat in one week, but they’re still not convinced. Asking these clients to take a 3D body scan at times like this can mellow them out and help them realize that one bad day/week/month usually isn’t as impactful as they think it is.
  • The flip side to this is that sometimes you just need to be hit in the face with reality to light a fire under you. There is no sugar coating your 3D body scan and it’s been known to provide a reality check that sometimes doesn't come with measurements alone. Again… objectivity.
  • When Fit3D customer Michele Zandman of Revolutionize Nutrition Counseling in New Jersey was asked what kind of reaction she gets from initial scans, she say it’s usually a very sobering experience for new members. “The first scan makes users realize they need to take action. It can be incredibly uncomfortable to see that image of themselves, but more than anything, it prompts them to act,” she says.


Do you have thoughts or questions about 3D body scanning? Maybe you're thinking about ways to incorporate it into your facility? Contact us