#TransformationTuesday - Shawn uses weekly scans to hold himself accountable

Meet Shawn, Fit3D National Sales Director.  

"Because I did my first scan ever with my clothes on, I didn’t realize people could see my stomach through my clothes. Scanning made me rethink my fitness goals entirely and how I approached them."

"Throughout my journey, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I started at 231, got as heavy as 252. I started scanning myself once a week, regardless of my diet and regardless if I was working out consistently. That really changed my life - scanning once a week. It held me accountable, but it also helps me not beat myself up if I have a bad week or gain any weight. It’s never as bad as I think it is. You can gain five pounds and it might be only .2 of an inch on your body as it spreads out."

"Also worth noting is that during a time I was doing quite a bit of cardio, my scans showed that my knee was actually swelling from the pressure, so I stopped for two weeks. I noticed a significant reduction in the swelling in my scans after that, and I wouldn’t have noticed that without my weekly scans."