#TransformationTuesday - Sam Creates Sustainable Goals

Meet Sam!

"My first scan was taken in November, just as holiday treats were making an appearance and I had finished some travel for work. In January, I decided to make some dietary, fitness and lifestyle changes that weren't so drastic that I couldn't stick to them long term. "

"I like to experiment with different kinds of diets. Throughout my various stages of trial and error I use Fit3D to track my progress and see where I am at objectively rather than just guessing. Even during the holidays when I knew I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be, knowing I was going to do a Fit3D scan helped to keep me accountable and not lie to myself."

"Previously I used to weigh myself daily and being smaller (112-118 lbs) it is hard for me to depend on the scale for any accurate depiction of health or progress. I have seen the scale go way up when I am gaining muscle and definition. Without Fit3D I would have stuck with diets that weren't giving me results and quit the programs that were really working based on scale numbers rather than reality."

"Now having over a years worth of scans, I have documentation of my entire fitness journey. I can look at the wellness trends and step back and see where I was at each stage. Fit3D allows me to see the bigger picture and motivates me to eat better and lift heavier so that I can become my best self!"