8 Ways to Keep Members Engaged after the New Year's Hype Fizzles

It’s the middle of February and the New Year’s rush we all know and love is starting to fade. Your facility might not be quite as busy as it was four weeks ago. Part of the challenge of being a business owner is maintaining engagement in your programming year round. Below are eight ways to keep your members engaged after the New Year’s hype fizzles.


1) Rewards

Use contests as a way to reward good attendance! Whether it’s attendance for a certain class or just showing up at all… consider putting a prize up for grabs for members that have the best attendance. Some of our customers have offered branded clothing, free months of membership, smoothies at the juice bar… all for members that maintain attendance during certain times of the year.

2) Put up posters of short workouts to motivate time-crunched individuals

As March approaches, members are moving out of that “honeymoon” holiday mindset - the reality of a new year is setting in. Time is more of a luxury and working out falls beneath other priorities on their list. To help out these busy members, trying putting up posters throughout your club with quick 20-25 minute workouts! Put them on your social media pages so members can access them from their phone! This is a great opportunity to ask your trainers and coaches to chip in with the goal of getting them exposure. Ask them to write down their favorite workout and why - members will love the helping hand and might even reach out to book a session with that trainer.

Low on creativity? Fear not - WODdrive.com has you covered. The site has over 9,000 community-generated cross-training workouts in 23 different fitness categories. You’re bound to find something that works.

3) Post healthy meal ideas on your social media to motivate members while they’re home

What your members eat has a direct impact on fitness goals! Give members inspiration for healthy meals by posting recipes on your social media pages. We love FitnessMagazine.com’s recipes and constantly put them on our profiles. People who are hitting a wall with their food creativity - you can only eat zucchini noodles for so long! - will appreciate this. Additionally, everyone loves pictures of delicious food. Encourage your members to post recipes and photos of their favorite healthy meals. Remember: your facility and your social pages are a community! Everyone contributes.

4) Put out posters of the ProScanner by the cardio machines

It’s likely your Fit3D ProScanner is in a private room so members can take proper scans in minimal clothing. One of the best ways to keep members motivated is to remind them of the progress they have already made thus far, two months into the year - encourage them to scan! The Fit3D ProScanner is the perfect way for members to track their milestones. Put ProScanner posters by the cardio machines, or other more popular equipment stations as a reminder that it’s available to them. Members who can track their improvements tangibly with their Web Platform avatars will stay happy and want to continue to improve!

5) Offer discounts on personal training sessions during February and March

Incentives can help drive retention! Keep members focused during February and March (when most people lose sight of their NYE resolutions) by offering discounts on personal training sessions when your trainers may be seeing a lull in their schedules. Most fitness clubs offer discounted personal training when members first join, but few continue to offer promotional prices. People work harder and perform better when someone is there to hold them accountable. Members on the fence about investing in personal training will have the opportunity to try it out. After they witness the incredible benefits of a session, they will be more willing to pay the full price in the future.

6) Implement inch loss contests

People love when they can earn prizes for working out consistently! We recommend hosting an inch loss contest for members. Over the course of a few weeks, members can track their progress with the Fit3D ProScanner. Compare member avatars at the end of the contest and offer prizes for whoever can shave off the most! The rewards don’t have to be complicated - offer three free personal training sessions, a free month of club membership or give away some branded club jackets. Rally your members around themes and causes, like Breast Cancer Awareness and Relay for Life. 

7) Cheer on hardworking members with social media

Motivating members outside of your club is important! When you see members tweeting about heading to work out at your location, retweet and reply to them! Cheer them on and motivate them! You could also put posters throughout your club with a gym hashtag. If they're comfortable, encourage members to share Fit3D scans they're proud of. As members post, be sure to like, comment, reply and retweet - for every social platform you have! If members feel a stronger connection with your club by being recognized on social media, they will be more likely to fit a workout into their busy schedules.

8) Encourage members to set sustainable goals

Often, the reason that people lose sight of their fitness goals is because they set unrealistic standards for themselves. It is really hard to lose 10 inches in a month, or lower body fat by 5% in just a few weeks. If you remind members to celebrate the small wins - the first inch or the first percentage - they will feel more confident and satisfied with their workouts. Sure, long-term goals are important, but it’s hard to imagine your body six months from the day you start. Getting fit is much more about perseverance and persistence than anything else.

Have any questions about these tips? Reach out to us!