Fit3D's Year in Review, 2015

  The Fit3D Team wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!


The Fit3D Team wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!

Dear Users, Clients, Industry Professionals, Advisors and Friends, 

At Fit3D, we have two missions: 1) to motivate Fit3D users to reach their health based goals, and 2) to create high margin, low effort revenue for our customers.  We are proud to work with an outstanding group of customers, users, supporters, and advisors who believe in our purpose.  Thank you to those who helped drive Fit3D through a very successful 2015.

If you have seen our website, you know that Fit3D was created in 2010 out of necessity to help my mother reach her health goals.  As a fledgling company in 2010, Tyler Carter—my co-founder—and I realized that 3D body scanning was the solution to motivational problems in fitness. Scales and body composition weren’t sufficient measures, and 3D body scanning technology at the time was too expensive ($50K to $200K) for people that needed and wanted it the most. Over the next 4 years, Fit3D worked diligently to create a 3D body scanning solution specifically for the fitness and wellness industry within the budget of fitness and wellness industry professionals.

From 2010 to 2014, the Fit3D team poured its mind, heart, and soul into developing a 3D body scanning solution that allows gym owners, coaches, and wellness professionals to utilize the technology and services for their current and potential members.  This journey has brought us to today, where we get to share the recap of our amazing 2015 with you.  We are proud of what we’ve accomplished, but are even more proud of the lives that we’ve touched.

Our 2015 successes:

  • More than 250 ProScanners were purchased around the globe

  • At least one scan is being taken on a Fit3D ProScanner every 8 minutes

  • More than 46,000 scans were taken in 2015

  • Universities are using Fit3D to researching the following subjects:

    • Morbidity causes and health risk outcomes associated with 3D body shape, gender, and age

    • How controlled activity and nutrition affect body shape changes

    • How 3D scans affect the subconscious notion of personal attractiveness as opposed to weight and facial features

  • One huge research grant was awarded to multiple university researchers using Fit3D to assess health risk outcomes

  • Fit3D partnered with Sports Basement (A San Francisco based Sports Retail Store) and WATSI (A Global Funding Platform for Medical Treatments)

    • Hundreds of participants in the 6-week challenge allowed Fit3D to donate more than $2,000 to patients in need of medical treatment around the globe through WATSI.

2015 was a breakout year for Fit3D, which truly helped establish 3D body scanning into the wellness industry. We have incredible innovations in store for 2016 that focus on additional data analytics, services, and features provided to users from each scan. We will also offer new opportunities for our clients to utilize our service to create additional high margin, low effort revenue, along with other exciting features.  Reach out to us at or to find out more.  

Again, thank you to our entire industry for such a fantastic year, and here’s to 2016!!


Greg Moore

CEO, Fit3D, Inc.