What Can the Rise in Digital Health Technology do for Your Facility?

Don’t be mistaken - the rise in digital health technology presents a massive opportunity for gyms to connect with members on a level never before attainable. Health data tracking devices will increase the number of people interested in fitness because it’s easier now more than ever for them to track their progress. We’ve created the Fit3D ProScanner around this basic concept.

Objective feedback is a game changer in this equation. What happens when there isn’t any, regardless if it’s good or bad? The device then has no value. Why?

Americans are busier than ever doing less of the things they know lead to overall health and wellness. Although most don’t do the things they’re supposed to, most of them WANT to, and the tech industry has tapped into this. Machines that gather data about the individual’s eating, sleeping and exercise habits are giving data back to the user about how their habits are affecting their health - they are giving back control in a world where it often feels like we have none. If the device doesn’t feed into the user’s sense of knowledge = power, it’s useless.

When life makes members feel like their lives are out of control, digital health technology gives control back to the member. The gym member of the future will be connected to the Internet of Things 100% of the time; running on a treadmill that’s recording data directly into a fitness app, checking texts on a smartwatch and getting notifications from their activity tracker which is sending information directly to their smartphone - and more than likely, these devices will all be integrated into one.

What happens if your facility is resistant to adopting these new trends in technology? Well, we all saw what happened to Blockbuster. Understand that these tools help gather data, it’s up to the human brain to figure out what to do with it. Fitness professionals are necessary to help interpret this data and figure out how it translates to specific fitness goals. Digital health tracking presents an opportunity for conversation about goals. So, you’re tracking your fitness progress - what goals are you trying to achieve? What’s it going to take to get you there? Don’t be threatened by the power of this technology; the most successful facilities will harness it to positively impact their programming, show members you’re willing to stay on top of trends and put money back into your club.

The Fit3D ProScanner is digital health at it’s finest. In a world where your members feel stunted by weight scales and other tools that fall short, the Fit3D ProScanner empowers them with data that gives them control over their health and wellness. What the Fit3D ProScanner and other digital health trackers don't provide is the road map to get them to their goals, presenting an opportunity for multiple communication points between trainers, coaches and members. Fit3D wants to put knowledge into the hands of the user and their coach by offering a tool that provides personalized, digital feedback of the user’s habits. The goal for the Fit3D ProScanner and all digital health technology is to motivate and empower the user with feedback that means something to them, challenging the user to become a better version of themselves. Technology is taking over the fitness industry - are you on board? We’ve provided the digital health technology - it’s up to you to bridge the gap between data and action.