Are Your New Membership Sales Numbers What They Could Be?

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Before any of you have the opportunity to wow your members with your facility, amenities, programming, top of the line trainers, instructors and personable staff, you first need to sell them a membership.

Membership sales is a tricky number to report on because the data is incredibly subjective. For example, sales folks that only see highly qualified walk ins are going to have a much higher closing rate than those that are going out and doing the prospecting. In other words, 90% close rate on 30 people looks much better than 50% close rate on 100 people. See what I mean? I’ve read about clubs that reported 85% close rate which is awesome! But come to find out that they weren’t reporting on guest passes. They were getting approximately 100 people on guest passes every month; when they calculated their rate to reflect this data, their closing rate changed quite dramatically.

It’s challenging to develop a fail safe way for reporting accurate membership sales data with so many variables involved. What you can do, however, is ensure you are making the most out of each and every interaction with prospective members. Each step of the way, the Fit3D ProScanner ensures your sales team will be able to connect with the member’s needs. Wow prospects with your ability to assess their needs, and then meet those needs with the Fit3D ProScanner. See below for Fit3D twists to the traditional sales steps:

Prospecting: All sales begin as prospects, and the goal is to get the prospect into your facility for a visit. Some common ways sales teams prospect are by cold calling, emailing, community events - any which way they can get their hands on contact information. Consumers don’t tend to give out their information easily these days. You need a differentiator that peaks their interest with the objective to get them into your facility for a tour. What do you do?

A great way to encourage folks to volunteer their contact information is by offering them in return something of value. The Fit3D ProScanner is an attention grabber, simply because it’s new, really cool technology, but also because it’s a tool that isn’t found at all gyms. Market your ProScanner via social media, email blasts, community events and more. Ask current members to share their before and after pictures with friends and social media, too. In addition to that free trial period, offer prospects a scan and an opportunity to see their body in a way they’ve never seen before.

Guest Visit: What do your guest visits typically consist of? Sharing of amenities, programming, cleanliness and features most likely. Not to undermine the importance of clean towels and fully stocked showers, but it’s time you gave your guests a reason to come back!

The ProScanner technology is something most people have never seen before. Differentiate yourself from competitors, let members and prospects know that you are open minded to new technology that solves old challenges and show that you put money back into your club. Bring non members into your facility by promoting your Fit3D ProScanner. Invite non members to take a free scan, invite them to participate in facility wide inch loss challenges, provide non member pricing for a la carte scanning, attract non members into your facility by hosting a member appreciation party and allowing members to bring a guest.  

This is also a great time to talk to the prospect about all the ways in which the ProScanner integrates into current programming as well as how it’ll help develop new programming in the future. Let the prospect know it’s important to management to keep programming fresh and impactful. Talk to prospects about how they’ll always know if their program is working for them or not, because they’ll see it in black and white (mostly purple) via the ProScanner Web Platform.

Needs Analysis and Tour: Here is when you sell the prospect on how you can meet their needs and help them reach their goals. Now is a great time to do some digging; what have they disliked about previous gym experiences? What were the parts they liked the most? What programs do they prefer? Do what you can do ensure the prospect that their individual needs and desires and important to club staff, because it’s most likely something they were lacking at their old gym.

The Fit3D ProScanner instantly and emotionally connects them to their goal. Check out our user success page. The first scan does not usually yield a pleasant reaction from prospects; what it does do is it let’s prospects know objectively where they are with their fitness and health goals. The truth hurts! But their first scan image lights a fire and averts their focus from gym aesthetics small talk to getting down to business - what can you do to help me look better?

For questions about how the Fit3D ProScanner can help improve your closing percentages, contact us to speak to one of our team members.