This month's Transformation Tuesday belongs to Jen D.

Esteban Lutz, Owner and Personal Trainer of Kore 7 Fitness in Sunbury, OH, attributes much of his triple digit increase in personal training sales to his Fit3D ProScanner. Kore 7 client Jen D. also credits the Fit3D ProScanner with being an important tool in her incredible body transformation - a total loss of 21.5 inches between the before and after scans seen here. 


"For me, Fit3D was an enhanced tool that I was able to access at Kore7 Fitness to track my progress throughout my transformation. Not everyone can measure their success through pounds on the scale."
-Jen D.

"The Fit3D ProScanner allowed me to visualize my progress as my body was changing and compare those changes throughout my journey. My initial measurements told me I was in an unhealthy range or heading in that direction."
-Jen D. 

"Fit3D motivated me to make the necessary changes in my nutrition and exercise to convert my measurements into a healthy range. FIT3D was a key component in successfully achieving my fitness goals."  
- Jen D.

Jen - Congratulations on such an amazing body transformation!
We're thrilled to be part of your journey.